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Study Load

The work-load of a student in Philosophy shall be a maximum of six courses a quarter. The number of lecture hours a week should not exceed 15. Languages & Music and speech training sessions are excluded from this total number.

Basic Courses and Electives

A seminarian takes all the basic courses that are offered in the syllabus. Basic courses are in the morning, whereas the electives are in the afternoons or evenings. Seminarians already proficient in their vernacular language will be exempted from taking such courses.


A lecturer may sometimes require students to submit a written assignment. This may be in the form of a short dimension paper or a full-length term paper. Some parameters have to be laid down so that students will be able to profit most from each course accordingly.

  • Students may be requested to write short dimension papers as the lecturer thinks fit during the course of his lectures.
  • Only two full-length term papers may be requested of a student each semester. These could take the place of written examinations.
  • All written assignments must normally be handed in before the end of the semester in which the course is given. Any extension of time must be requested from the lecturer concerned, a reasonable time before the due date.
  • All assignments are expected to conform to the normal academic conventions regarding methodology (typed, double spaced, A4 sized, with reference and noting).


Each student will be normally assessed at the end of each semester on the basis of the term’s work (assignments, tutorials, etc.) and examinations. In some cases, however, the lecturer may decide to make the assessment not at the end of the semester but at the end of the course unit.

Examinations will be oral and/or written depending on the lecturer and the approval of the Dean of Studies. The lecturer will normally indicate what percentage of marks will be allotted respectively to assignments and to examinations.

Results are published according to the following grades and marks:

A: 90-100 Very Good
B: 80-89 Good
C: 70-79 Above Average
D: 60-69 Average
E: 40-59 Poor (Failing Grade)
F: 0-39 Very Poor (Failing Grade)


Those who obtain Grade E in any course, whether of a major or minor subject must repeat the exam two weeks after the beginning of the new quarter.

A student who obtains Grade F in any course, whether of a major or minor subject, must in the following quarter repeat the examination after two months. This should be done within the said quarter after seeking due guidance from the lecturer concerned.

Any student who wishes to absent himself from lectures for some reason or other should inform the Dean of Studies and the lecturer concerned.

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