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Philosophy of Man I & II

Aim of the Course

This course which is also called the philosophy of the human person examines the human person philosophically. It reflects on the human person’s actions, activities, nature and problems. The focal point is the person as a subject in relation to the world, others and God. This philosophical reflection is meant to assist the students to know themselves and live better as human persons in this post-modern world.

Course Content

Philosophy of Man I:
Existential, hermeneutical and narrative approaches would be used to treat the following human aspects of life: corporality, knowledge, language, culture, work, politics, and religiosity.

Philosophy of Man II:
Substantial unity of the human person, the human subject and inter-subjectivity, freedom, morality and death.


Class participation: 20%

Individual/Group presentation: 20%

2 hour written exam: 60%

Select Bibliography

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Lecture Hours

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Fr. Stephen Lim