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College General forms men for the priesthood after the model of Jesus Christ– teacher, priest, and shepherd.

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Remedial English, Mandarin & Tamil

Aim of the Course

The medium of instruction for the seminary lectures is English hence students are required to be proficient in the language. Remedial English classes are offered according to individual student’s need.

Tamil and Mandarin are languages which are indispensable to the pastoral ministry in Peninsular Malaysia. As such, students will have to learn either one of these languages.

Course Content

To be confirmed


Class work

Final examination

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Lecture Hours

2 hrs per week for each semester. (Not offered to lay students)


Ms. Anita Wee Hoon, BA, USM, Penang || Mr. K.V. Rajoo, BSc, USM, Penang || Ms. Justina, BA, UM, Kuala Lumpur || Ms Mariapuspham, Dip. Ed. Malaysia