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College General has a well-stocked reference library containing a wide range of publications covering various disciplines and subjects, with particular emphasis on ecclesiastical studies, e.g. philosophy, theology, scriptures, spirituality, church history, liturgy, catechetics, etc. To date the total number of books is approaching 19570. The library subscribes to 42 journals.

The library is divided into four sections: the Current Periodical Section, the General Loan Section, the Bound Periodical Section and the Reference Section. The books in the General Loan and Reference Sections are classified and catalogued under the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Quick searches are available through our library’s computerized Cataloguing and Book Search Database System. Periodicals in both the Current Periodical and the Bound Periodical Sections are arranged in alphabetical order.


Only lecturers and students who are registered with the College either on a full-time, part-time or audit basis are permitted to use the library. Others must request the permission of the Father Librarian and, upon such permission having been granted, borrow under the name of one of the College Fathers. There is a library fee of RM 20.00 for external students.

Students may borrow up to a maximum of four (4) books at any time for a period of two weeks.

Reference books, periodicals, and books placed on the reserved shelf are not to be taken out from the library except for the purpose of photocopying required material and only with the express permission of the Librarian or Father Librarian. Recently catalogued books will be placed on display for a period of two (2) weeks. During such time, the books are not to be taken out of the library.

Every book borrowed from the library must be duly recorded in the register provided. If a student requires a book for a period that extends beyond two (2) weeks, the record should show that he has returned the book at the end of the two (2) weeks (or subsequent intervals thereof), and a further entry should be made to indicate that the book has been borrowed for an additional period not exceeding two weeks.

Students may not put markings or jottings of any sort (permanent or otherwise) in any library book or periodical. They should duly and promptly alert any of the student librarians if the books are damaged.

Silence in the library is to be maintained at all times.

The library is open from 9.30 am to 12:20 pm from Mondays to Fridays, except on holy days and public holidays. It is also closed during the vacation period.

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