2 hrs per week for 1st Semester (Open to lay students)

Aim of the Course

This Course on natural theology is seen as complementary and completing the course on Metaphysics. It seeks to offer a meaningful way in approaching the God-Question in the light of human reason.

Course Content

The problem of religious language; Arguments for God’s existence; Arguments against the existence of God; Nature and attributes of God; Atheism; The problem of evil; Religious pluralism.


A book review on a selected book by the end of the first quarter and a one and half hours written paper at the end of the Course.

Select Bibliography

DAVIS, Brian. Thinking About God. London: Geoffrey Chapman, 1985

EDLERS, Leo. The Philosophical Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1990

FABRO, Cornelio. God in Exile: Modern Atheism. New York: Newman Press, 1968

PETERSON, Michael. Reason and Religious Beliefs: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998

Lecture Hours

2 hrs per week for 1st Semester (Open to lay students)


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