Methaphysics (I)

2 hrs per week for 1st Semester (Open to lay students)

Aim of the Course

This course presents the classical metaphysics of Being. In doing so it aims to give a foundation in Aristotelian-Thomistic metaphysics.

Course Content

The notion of being; from the act of affirmation to the idea of being; content of the idea of being; the analogy of being; the principles of being; transcendental properties of being; categories of being.


Students will be asked to submit an essay at the end of the first quarter and there will be a two-hour written exam at the end of the Course.

Select Bibliography

ALVIRA, Thomas.Metaphysics. Manila: Sinag-Tala Publishers, 1982

BITTLE, Celestine. The Domain of Being: Ontology, The Bruce Publishing Company, 1939

EDLERS, Leo. The Metaphysics of Being of St. Thomas Aquinas in a Historical Perspective. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1993

OWENS, Joseph.An Elementary Christian Metaphysics. Toronto: Center for Thomistic Studies, 1985

Lecture Hours

2 hrs per week for 1st Semester (Open to lay students)


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