Old Testament: Genesis

32 lecture hours in the 2nd Semester.

Aim of the Course

To discover God as God works in creation, history and in our situation of today.

Course Content

While we will actually go through the entire book in class, the following texts will be treated in greater detail: Genesis 1-3; 6:5-9:17; 12:1-3; 15; 18:1-15; 22:1-19; 28:10-22; 32:23-33; 37; 45:1-13;50:15-31. Students will be expected to work in detail with at least one major commentary on their own.

Basic Hebrew will also form a part of the course, following on from earlier courses.


Class Presentations, Tests & a Final Examination.

Selected Bibliography

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Lecture Hours

32 lecture hours in the 2nd Semester.


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