Growth & Spirituality

4 hrs per week for each semester. (Not offered for lay students)

Vatican II states in the chapter on the revision of Ecclesiastical Studies that “in the revision of ecclesiastical studies the main object to be kept in mind is a more effective coordination of philosophy and theology so that they supplement one another in revealing to the minds of the students with ever increasing clarity the Mystery of Christ which effects the whole course of human history, exercises an unceasing influence on the Church, and operates mainly through the ministry of the priest.”
The Council goes on to say that this VISION should be communicated to the students from the very first moment of their training. Consequently, all seminary students must aim at the comprehensive and coherent understanding of man and the world, that have their center in the mystery of Christ and the student prior to starting any specifically philosophical or theological studies must be made to see:

i. how CHRIST appears as the key to the understanding of the history of mankind.
ii. how the CHURCH lives from the mystery of Christ.
iii. how the PRIEST is to realize this day by day.

Aim of the Course

The AIM of the Initiation, therefore, is to communicate this Vision to the students. Thus, in the words of Vatican II:”…the whole training of the students should be as its object to make them true shepherds of souls after the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ, teacher, priest and shepherd.” This course is designed:

a. to prepare for philosophical and theological studies;
b. to provide a proper orientation; 
c. to live and nourish this faith by an integral movement in spiritual and community activity; and
d. to help the student to strengthen and nurture his specific vocation to the priesthood by a guided and reflection programme.

Course Content

This formation programme falls into Three Parts:

Part I: The Mystery of Christ

This is the central part of the Initiation Course. It helps the student see that Christ is the key to the world. The plan of God is revealed in the history of mankind wherein Christ is foretold, fulfilled and continued on in the Church. The student realizes that God wanted man to experience Him and His dealings with them. These experiences, begun then, continue on in the Church.

Part II: Spirituality

This course is to be given in conjunction with the course on “The Mystery of Christ” (Part I). The course is divided into two sections: the first section deals with the vocation of every Christian. Here both liturgy and devotions (the expression of the faith of Christians) will be introduced in theory and practise. The second section deals with the priestly vocation specifically. This is to enable the student to reflect seriously on the nature of the priesthood at the beginning of his seminary studies so as to initiate him to mature decision.

Part III: Apostolic Commitment

This part of the Course is designed to help the student to nurture and strengthen his specific priestly vocation. The student will not be involved in any particular pastoral work but ‘exposed’ to many situations and problems of man. He will be taught to reflect on these situations in the light of the Mystery of Christ. The Initiation Year is also in line with the “Spiritual Year” recommended in the Pastores Dabo Vobis.

Lecture Hours

4 hrs per week for each semester. (Not offered for lay students)


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