Mission History

2 hrs per week in the 2nd Semester, 3rd Quarter only

Aim of the Course

This course, which offers a study on how the Church Missions went along with the European discovery of the world including Asia, is for the students in the philosophy years.

Course Content

We shall touch on the general idea of how Christianity went outside of the European world to the Americas, Africa and Asia. The coming of Christianity to the Asian countries will be treated as the course progresses. A special emphasis will be given to the advent of Christianity in Malaysia and Singapore along with the history of the Propaganda.


Written assignment.

Select Bibliography

CHEW, Maureen K C, IJ. The Journey of the Catholic Church in Malaysia: 1511 – 1996, Catholic Research Centre, Kuala Lumpur, 2000.

Lecture Hours

2 hrs per week in the 2nd Semester, 3rd Quarter only


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