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Organisation in General

In accordance with its nature and purpose, the seminary’s organization of studies is inspired by the principles laid down by the Church. In addition to the intellectual formation in Philosophy (and Theology), the human, spiritual, and pastoral formation have an integral place in the overall training of the clerical students.

Duration of Studies

The full Major Seminary course is seven years; namely, one year of Initiation studies, two years in the Philosophy Cycle and four years in the Theology Cycle. Students spend one year in the Initiation or Propaedeutic studies and two years in the Philosophy cycle. Students who complete their Philosophy Cycle are sent to St Peter’s College Major Seminary in Kuching to continue with the Theology Cycle there.


A full-time student’s fees amount to RM 900.00 a year. For a part-time student the fees are charged according to lecture hours in a complete course. This includes language classes. The fee-schedule is as follows:

8 hour course - RM 25.00
16 hour course - RM 50.00
24 hour course - RM 75.00
32 hour course - RM 100.00
64 hour course - RM 200.00

Fees are to be paid to the administrative office on enrolment for a particular course.

Categories of Students

Full time Students: They are diocesan seminarians, religious and lay persons who take up all the courses offered in the seminary’s academic program. They sit for the examination at the end of each course.

Part-time Students: They are external students who do not take up all the courses offered, but take specific courses relevant to their needs and sit for an examination at the end of each course.

Audit students: They are external students who take up specific courses but do not sit for any examination.

Admission Requirements

For College General Seminarians: The Bishops admit their respective seminarians into the seminary. Seminarians who have graduated from the Initiation Year are admitted into the Philosophy Cycle.

For Non-Seminarians: (Taking graduation or non-graduation courses.) A letter of recommendation from the superior of the congregation or parish clergy, with details of highest academic level reached is required.

Non-seminarians will be admitted into the courses only with the express permission of the Dean of Studies in consultation with the respective lecturers.

All students are required to be competent in the English Language before embarking on formal studies. 

All enquiries are to be directed to:

The Dean of Studies 
College General, Jalan Cengai
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Penang, Malaysia

College General
Jalan Cengai, Tanjung Tokong
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone +604 890 2002
Facsimile +604 890 6382

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