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Introduction To Sociology

Introduction to Sociology

Aim of the Course

This course aims for the student to study the dynamics of society by examining the sources and patterns of social continuity and change.

Course Content

This course introduces the student to social groups, how they interact with one another and how these interactions are structured. The basic concepts of family, ethnic groups, religious communities, class, gender, nation and state are discussed. Social problems that arise from interactions among groups like poverty and inequality, control and domination, ethnic and religious conflict, marginalization of minorities and women will be discussed in the context of Malaysian society and its historical development. The last section of the course explores the notion of globalization and its impact on various aspects of these processes and problems in Malaysia.


Class participation: 20%.

Written exam: 80%

Credit: 3

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Worsely, P, Introduction to Sociology, Penguin (Sec edition) (ed) Modern Sociology, Penguin (Sec edition)

Lecture Hours

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Dr. Francis Loh