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College General forms men for the priesthood after the model of Jesus Christ– teacher, priest, and shepherd.

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Salvation History

Salvation History

Aim of the Course

We aim to go through the Bible in the course recognizing how God intervenes in history, saving His people, culminating in Christ. Having gone through the entire course, the student is then equipped with the ‘big picture’ of God’s saving actions. The course also aims in allowing the Word to touch lives in order that our discipleship may be deepened.

Course Content

Our course will involve going through the entire Bible during the year and students must be committed to continuous daily reading of it to be part of the course.


There is no examination for this course although class participation through discussion and group work is expected as well as some written papers.

Select Bibliography

The New Jerusalem Bible

Active and Alive: The Old Testament Beyond 2000, Columbia Press, Dublin 1999

Trustworthy and True: The Gospels Beyond 2000, Columbia Press, Dublin 1999

Lecture Hours

4 hrs per week for each semester. (Not offered to lay students)


Fr. Simon Labrooy